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All manufacturers have good mowers and not-so-great mowers! Here we show the mowers that we think Hayter are good at. As a company they excel at roller rotaries - their Spirit and Harrier models are probably the best available (if that's what you need). We always try to carry the popular models in stock.
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ENVOY36 electric - A lightweight electric machine with a stylich robust deck that makes manourvering easy £199

SPIRIT 41 - A petrol rear roller range with their fresh design and appearance are both manoeuvrable and lightweight. Their design has an aluminium skeleton chassis with tough ABS polymer covers and underdeck.
Spirit 41 push £395
Spirit 41 self prop. £495
HARRIER - Precision cutting and classic stripes can be achieved with one of our most popular models.A joy to use in your garden.
Harrier 16" vario speed
Harrier 16" elec start
Harrier 19" vario speed
Harrier 19" elec start
Harrier 22" vario speed
Harrier 22" elec start
R53s Recycling mower - Has the choice of three ways to dispose of grass clippings - rear collection, side discharge and recycling - £799